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See how much you can save by installing solar panels for your home!

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What rebates, solar tax credits, and other solar incentives are available in Virginia?

Net Metering

Virginia law requires retail electric providers to make net metering available to their customers. This policy provides credits for any excess generation a solar system produces that can be applied to future bills to reduce costs. 

VA Property Tax Exemption

There is no state-mandated property tax exemption for renewable energy systems. However, there is a law that allows counties, cities, or towns to choose if they would like to enact a policy exempting the costs of a solar system from an individual's property taxes. Some towns such as Alexandria, Charlottesville, and Chesterfield exempt solar system costs from property taxes. 

Federal Tax Credit

Existing homes and new construction qualify.  Both principal residences and second homes qualify. Rentals do not qualify. 

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